Academy’s Undercover Professor – Chapter 135

C135: Framework (1)

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“Have you heard? The Magic Festival will take place after the second test.”


The news that the Magic Festival, a traditional festival of Theon, would take place earlier soon spread. Teachers had already received an official letter branded by the president, and everyone who heard the news was delighted.

“Yeah. I heard it’ll start especially early this year. I guess that’s what the president decided.”

“Wow. I’ve only heard of Theon festival, but it’s my first time participating. I’m totally looking forward to it.”

Unlike most of the students who liked it, the teachers’ reactions were the opposite. To be exact, they were divided into pros and cons.

In the official letter, the president clearly wrote down the reason why she had moved up the hosting of the Magic Festival.

Many teachers were convinced of the reason, but many weren’t. To be exact, they were in a position where they had no choice but to be against it even though they were convinced.

“This is unfair!”

In the conference room of the Theon Main Building, where the teachers were gathered Marquis Hugo Burtag protested fiercely to the president, shaking his thick cheeks.

“How can you change the schedule of Theon, which has history and tradition, at your own discretion? Even as the president, this is an abuse of power!”

Behind Hugo Burtag, who shouted so, stood teachers who sympathized with his will. What they have in common is that they are all aristocrats and the fact that they are friends with the Marquis of Burtag.

Hearing their complaints, President Elisa did not blink an eye.

“So you don’t want to follow, Hugo?”

“It’s unfair! Even though you’re the president you can’t change the schedule like this!”

“Why can’t I? The former presidents made changes in the academic schedule 3 years ago, 9 years ago and 11 years ago.”

Hugo flinched at Elisa’s words and was embarrassed because he didn’t expect Elisa to know about them.

“Well, it was adjusted after thorough discussion with the staff, and not changed by the president’s personal authority as it is now!”

“That’s why I’m asking for your opinion, right?”

“How would our opinions matter since you told us after you already took action?”

Elisa shook her head, but Hugo Burtag had no intention of backing down. It was because he, who is at odds with the president, must take this opportunity to take the lead.

It was a chance now that the president, who doesn’t show any gaps to others, crossed the line for the first time in a long time.

“So you’re saying you don’t want to follow Mr. Hugo?”

“Who said no? However, I’m telling you that even those who want to follow will have no choice but to be hostile if the president makes such a decision.”

“As you know, the reason why I moved up the holding of the Magic Festival is to change the atmosphere after the recent turmoil.”

“Aren’t you supposed to tell us that in advance?”

“Then it’ll be late. There’s not much time left until the second test, and the magic festival needs a preparation period, so how long will it be delayed to coordinate them?

The president was right. Hugo would have protested, even if she had formally called in the teachers and board members to reconcile their differences.

Hugo also knows in his head that her way is right, but he wouldn’t go along with it.

Opposition for the sake of opposition. Through this appearance, it was proved that Hugo Burtag is the kind of person who thinks that nothing else matters for the sake of his political position.

“So you’re saying that you did a good job of doing what you wanted to do?”

“I’m sorry about that. But please know that this was for the best.”

“President, I’m worried about that. I was forced to do it now, but if I set a precedent like this, there is no guarantee that you will not do the same again in the future.”

Elisha, who had maintained a consistent attitude, was forced to frown at Hugo Burtag’s attitude to blatantly assert this injustice.

“It’s as if you’re sure I’ll be like this in the future, right?”

“I don’t know what people will do.”

As the atmosphere between the two began to flow in an unusual way, a third person intervened and stopped them.

It was Marie Ross, the longest-serving employee of Theon and one of the people with the highest voice.

“It has already happened, and the positions of the president and Mr. Hugo are also not incomprehensible. But fighting here is not going to solve the problem.”

“……Ms. Marie Ross., the president crossed the line first. This is definitely something to point out.”

“Then, can you provide a clear answer to the current situation, Mr. Hugo? You don’t know what’s going on in the nearby city of Leathervelk, either. The president’s opinion is valid.”

“Even so……!”

You shouldn’t do things your way. Rather than saying so, it was faster for Marie Ross’ sharp gaze to scan Hugo.

“Then I’d appreciate it if you could tell me your solution. I’m sure Mr. Hugo has a great solution, seeing that you’re shouting so loudly, right?”

“………Why did this come up all of a sudden?”

Marie Ross’s gaze shone sharply toward Hugo, who hesitated.

“Or did you just reject other people’s opinions without a solution?”


It’s not good.

Because of her popularity, Ms. Maris Ross was a very strong speaker among other teachers. If she defended the president, this would be a little embarrassing.

Hugo had a hunch it was time to step down. But something didn’t feel right. If not now, when can he scratch that president’s thick face?

It’s a chance he got after a long time and he wanted to make the issue a little bigger. At that time, the teacher who was standing behind Hugo approached him.

It was Chris Benimore and he whispered to Hugo immediately.

‘Vice President Hugo. I think you can stop here.’

‘Chris, do you want me to let go of the chance I’ve just caught?’

‘I’m sure they understood what the vice president was saying. But now that Ms. Marie came forward, we’re going to be hit if we go further.’

Chris’ advice was correct.

Hugo argued with the president based on an excuse, but not everyone condemned the president’s actions. On the contrary, Hugo’s actions, which did not come up with an alternative but only scuffled, made his image worse.

‘So what do you want me to do? Back out cleanly?’

‘How about this?’

Chris whispered something to Hugo, and his eyes flickered as he heard it. Having said what he had to say, Chris quietly stepped back.

Hugo drew attention by coughing.

“Well, if the president really does that, it’s not something we don’t understand.”

Elisa was surprised by Hugo’s sudden change. Seeing his smiling face made her feel anxious for no reason.

“Well, it is inevitable that the festival has already been moved forward. Hasn’t it already happened? Good. That’s all good. Still, there are requirements since this has already happened.”

“Requirements? What else are you going to do?”

“Can’t we at least give our opinions?”

“Say it.”

“Hmm. What I want to say is, since we’re holding the festival early, why don’t we put in a different event than the previous one?”

As if this is the point Hugo naturally offered his opinion.

“Which one?”

“We will be adding something new to the fighting event held in the Magic Festival. For example, yes. Something like a special event where teachers will duel with each other.”

Hugo’s face was full of insidious plans.

* * *

When I checked the official letter that came to my office, I lightly touched my temple with my fingertips.

‘I think it’s confirmed that the festival will be held as soon as the second test is over. The schedule is tighter than I thought.’

We’ll start preparing for the festival right after the second test.

The preparation period alone will be so large that it will take a week, considering that there are a lot of employees and wizards living or working inside Theon.

‘Rather, it’s more surprising that it takes a week to prepare even with those people.’

It hasn’t been long since the first test results were released, but it’s time for the second test already.

‘Still, it’ll be easy for me since the second test will be the magic square practical test.’

To be honest, I wanted to believe that. Surely there aren’t any students here who are sloppy?

‘Still, I solved the conversion in my own way.’

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks so. The magic square it’s fascinating but it’s not really that amazing.

The framework for the magic square already existed in this world. The magic square research stopped at some point, but the system itself was not a completely new magic.

That is, I did not create something out of nothing. Now, I just put new firewood into the bonfire where only residual fire remained.

It’s rather shameful for me to brag about it.

‘I’m hoping for some good responses.’

Now that the second test is approaching, I was thinking of going out a little farther.

‘Roteng Village of Durman Kingdom.’

Now, I was going to stop by a place where there was nothing left because it was burned down by fire to check the identity of the first order.

So, Sedina, who would normally remain, was also sent home right away. Sedina said she would stay longer, but she couldn’t break my strong will.

‘Shall I go?’

Just as I was putting on my coat, someone knocked on the door of the office.

“Come in.”

The door opens and I can see the familiar blue hair. It was Flora Lumos, one of the students in my class, who came into my office.

I wondered what had brought her here suddenly, but I immediately guessed why.

“Flora Lumos, are you here to get the framework?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“You came later than I thought.”

Except for her, the other four came before and took the framework from me. Her being the last one was quite unexpected.

“I’ve been a little busy.”

“Did something happen?”

“………It’s none of your business.”

It was just a ritual question, but that answer came back. But it’s too much of a stretch to ask questions here, right? Because I have to respect the privacy of the students.

When I didn’t ask any more questions, Flora became slightly annoyed.

“Aren’t you curious?”

“You said it’s none of my business”

“……Hmm. That’s enough.”

What is it? You look angry. I was quite taken aback by Flora’s sudden, clueless attitude. Is it because of the late onset of adolescence?

“Anyway, if you’re here to get the framework, I’d like to say you came at the right time. If you were a little late, you would have knocked on the door of an empty office.”

“……That’s a relief.”

“Flora Lumos, congratulations on winning the first place, albeit belatedly.”

I gave Flora a light compliment. I know she’s good and smart. Still, she’s the student who took first place in my class, and as a teacher, I had to praise her this much.

Flora opened her eyes wide since my congratulations were unexpected, and avoided my gaze.

“It wasn’t a big deal. It was a piece of cake for me.……Of course, it’s a shame that I was tied for first place.”

“I understand. Your opponent was also a formidable prodigy.”

1st year Julia Plumhart. She performed on an equal footing with Flora Lumos, earning the reputation of being tied for first place proving that she didn’t get the attention of many teachers from the beginning of the semester for nothing.

“Oh, anyway. Give me the framework.”

She’s so confident. However, Flora deserved to be so confident because she won the prize given by her ability. That kind of behavior suits her more.

I lifted my palm and when I tried to use magic to float the framework my hands were covered by Flora Lumos white and thin hands.


I stared at Flora Lumos, who put her hand over my hand without saying a word.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you not going to give it to me?”

She still didn’t seem to know what she had done wrong so I sighed softly.

“Flora Lumos.”

“Why are you calling me?”

“The framework procedure is something that does not need to be received by skin contact.”


Flora Lumos gave a curious reaction.

One second.

Two seconds.

When exactly three seconds passed.


Flora Lumos realized what she had done and hurriedly removed her hands. Her face was red to the earlobes like ripe mussels.



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