# Comedy # Harem

Kage Kara Mamoru!

Kagemori Mamoru, 16 years old. His looks are no good! He’s no good at studying! He’s no good at sports! He’s a high-school student armed with these three terrible weapons….

# Action # Comedy


The plot revolves around Natsuru Senou, a normal high school boy with blue hair. One day he wakes up to find himself turned into a girl. A stuffed tiger “Harakiri…

7.5 Ch. 2
# Comedy # Drama

The Baby Isn’t Yours

“This baby isn’t yours.” Simon’s eyes glistened coldly at my words. Apparently he’s smiling, but in a strange and spine-chilling tone, Simon asked me. “…Oh, really?” That low, shady voice,…

3.6 Ch. 81