I Stole the Heroine’s Holy Grail – Chapter 101

Thrill, anger, and long-held hatred dyed Ivan’s vision red.

He managed to keep his head above water, and secretly pursued Kale. He does not want to miss him. He was a hint. 

Kale headed to a secluded back alley.

I need to hide my presence.

As the crowd decreases, his presence would be easier to notice. Ivan took a breath and completely hid his presence.

Whether he didn’t notice that he was being tracked or if he knew and pretended not to know, Kale entered a small building in the back alley with a light step, 

“Is it a bar?”

The Holy Land represents Vishna. Naturally, many people visit the Holy Land every year. Although their purposes varied, they could be broadly divided into two categories. Faithful believers and those who enjoy corruption.

As Vishna had the largest number of believers on the continent, many wanted to become priests. However, in order to become a priest, they had to possess sacred power above the standard. Unless they are from a noble family, most of those who wanted to become priests were commoners in difficult situations.

Those who felt frustrated by the wall in front of them, leave. However, among them, those who could not give up their lingering feelings often stayed in villages outside the holy land. And the end of those who made those choices was not good.

Sacred power is innate in the first place. It was simply the realm of talent. Of course, they can increase their sacred power through bloody training, but only in a few cases, and most of them realize their limitations and fall behind.

It was this black area where those who were so left behind settled. The only place where black exists in the Holy Land that is madly obsessed with pure white.

It was the dirty side of the Holy Land that Vishna wanted to erase.

Why is Kale Ferris in the Holy Land?

The timing was not good. It was in the midst of Selcred period, and Adelia is playing a major role.

I’m sure there’s something.

One thing is for sure, he wouldn’t have come to the Holy Land simply to enjoy the festival.

Ivan pulled down his robe and followed Kale into the bar.


The bar was noisier than he thought. Apparently, there were quite a few people who came from outside for the festival.

“Hahaha! This is the taste!”

“The wine tastes really good.”

“It’s best to eat secretly.”

“Here’s another drink!”

The noise echoed here and there. Ivan frowned and looked for Kale. Finding him was difficult because of the people huddled in a small space, but Ivan recognized Kale like an instinct.

“There he is.”

Kale was on the stairs to the second floor.

Keeping a proper distance, Ivan followed him. But just before stepping into the stairs to the second floor, a rugged-looking middle-aged man blocked his way.

“Hey, this isn’t a place for anyone to climb.”

Ivan wriggled his brows and agonized. Whether to tell a proper lie or deal with the man in front of you.

The answer was already set. Looking at the situation, there was only one specific person who could go up. The trouble is, Ivan didn’t know the condition. In this situation, lying was likely to make the situation worse. So he has no choice but to deal with the gatekeeper.

Ivan glanced away and checked the inside of the noisy bar again. No one was interested in this area because everyone was eating and chatting.

When Ivan turned his head and looked around, the gatekeeper easily let his guard down as if he had misunderstood that he was looking for a seat on the second floor. Ivan didn’t miss the gap. He overpowered the gatekeeper in an instant.


Ivan put the fainted gatekeeper out of sight and went up to the second floor.

Unlike the first floor in the form of a wide hall, the second floor was lined with several rooms in a long hallway.

Ivan walked slowly down the hallway and looked for someone’s presence.

At last his feet stopped in one place.

– It’s coming soon.

– I’m perfectly prepared, so don’t worry about it.

– You’re so peaceful. Don’t be at ease. Are you sure you prepared it?

Kale Ferris’ voice and low voice he had never heard before was having a conversation. Their voices did not leak out loud even though the door was old. It seemed that there was a magic device that blocked the sound inside.

But Ivan was an Aura user. He focused on the waves of the sound made against the magic barrier.

– Of course. Now that you’ve come forward, it’s safe to say that the plan is going well.

– I don’t trust you.

– Then you should move on your own. Ah, that’s right. I forgot. With your broken body, you couldn’t even move properly, let alone have divine power. 



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