Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist – Chapter 374

After preparing Vanga-san and Martha-san’s house, I introduced them around the neighborhood, and I was relieved that they got along with Martha-san and Vanga-san faster than I expected, perhaps because of their good dispositions.

I told Vanga-san about the entrance to the forest on the north and the grasslands to the west of the Sanctuary, and that he could hunt there. Just in case, I entrusted them to Sylph and Dryas so nothing bad could go wrong.

「Well then, contact us if anything happens.」

「Yes, leave the matters of the Sanctuary to us. The Great Spirits have all gathered, so I believe there wouldn’t be much need for Takumi’s strength, but we would be glad if you could come back once in a while.」

「Gotcha, we’ll come back every several days.」

In front of our mansion in the Sanctuary, Undine, Sylph, Dryas, Selene, and Nyx were seeing us, who were leaving for the honeymoon, off.

At that time, we were told not to leave the Sanctuary for too long..

It isn’t mentioned so much that I could forget it, but I am pretty much the Protector of the Spirit Tree and the Keeper of the Sanctuary

「Well, it’s not like anything would happen would happen while you’re gone.」

「None, huh…… well, I care about the Sanctuary so it’s fine though.」

Though Undine said it wouldn’t necessarily be that anything would happen just because I’m not present, I’ll still come visit once in a while because Vanga-san and Martha-san will be on my mind until they become accustomed after immigrating, and if the residents have some sort of issue.

We boarded the carriage pulled by Tsubaki, and departed while calling out to everyone who saw us off

First, we headed for Wedgefort. After that, we would cross Lomaria Kingdom and head for Gnomstoll Kingdom.. The Rodom Mountain Range which towered between Lomaria Kingdom and Gnomstoll Kingdom had a glen located close to the Former Divine Empire of Sydnia, and that was where we plan to pass.

The carriage ran out of the Sanctuary.

It would be a big fat lie to say that we were travelling across the land leisurely. Tsubaki was eager to run, so it became an explosively fast carriage. It was at such high speeds that had it not been the carriage I made and Laeva, Golan-san, and Doganbo-san continuously remodeled, it would have broken to pieces mid-run.

It was good that there were few carriages coming and going between the Sanctuary and Wedgefort, but that would be dangerous in Lomaria Kingdom if we weren’t careful.

An armored carriage was pulled by a giant Dragon Horse at a somewhat reduced speed. The merchants and adventurers it passed had left were left shocked by its impressiveness.

Tsubaki, who was in high spirits, and Kaede, who rode on her back, paid no mind to the prying eyes around.

Inside the carriage, the girls were drinking tea while having fun chatting amongst themselves… Among them, Akane, who for certain reasons came with us on our honeymoon, was talking to me.

「Are we going nonstop to the capital?」

「Yup, the Lomarian Capital must have all sorts of rental homes. The girls will probably want to go shopping too.」

「Hey, Takumi. If we’ll be at the Lomarian Capital, can I tweak the carriage underside a bit?」

It was then that Doganbo-san proposed an improvement on the carriage. So there was still a part of the carriage that hasn’t been improved?

「What part do you want to touch on?」

「The interior is a matter of taste and the space had been expanded so there is plenty of space, so there’s no need to do anything to that. But I was thinking of tampering with the undercarriage a bit.」

「Fumu, certainly the performance of the undercarriage of this is incomparable to other carriages, however, it still has room for improvements.」

I’m under the impression that this carriage is fully protected against monster attacks. As for comfort, suspensions were introduced, it wasn’t too bad compared to the other carriages. However, it might be possible to improve the performance of the dampers and suspension or take the magical approach to it.

「Yeah, I wanted to do maintenance on the Ouranos, but that’d be impossible here in Lomaria.」

「Golan-aniki. The Ouranos definitely cant be shown to Lomaria. Is it not fine to do so after arriving at Gnomstoll.」

「Eh? It’s fine if it’s inside Gnomstoll Kingdom?」

Golan-san said that he wanted to do some maintenance on the Ouranos, but Doganbo-san said that they should be patient until we arrive at Gnomstoll.

「Gnomstol Kingdom is the nation of Dwarves. There is no worry of plagiarizing or stealing the work of others. Well, they may pester you with all sorts of questions though. You could be respected, and there’s no need to worry about it being destroyed or confiscated」

「Well, Golan-san and the other Dwarves also helped with the production of the Ouranos, so it would be alright with the temperaments of the Dwarves?」

I think it’s amusing that with the remodeling of the carriage, our departure from the Lomarian Capital to Gnomstoll Kingdom was delayed.




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