Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist – Chapter 375

Our room assignments are as follows. Sophia, Maria, Marnie, and I are in one room. Akane, Lulu-chan, Laeva, and Kaede are in another. Doganbo-san and Golan-san in one more.

After spending a passionate night, we ate room service breakfast in our largest room as we talked about our plans for the day. Since we’re finally on a trip, there may be places we each want to go to.

「Lulu, Laeva, and I will go shopping. Obviously, since we’re at the capital, we have to see the latest trends in fashion.」

「Lulu wants to eat sweet things nya.」

「Laeva wants to see the magic device shops.」

They all had different places they wanted to go to, but it was certain they would go shopping at the capital.

「Okay! Kaede will also go to delicious food stands!」

「Umm, could I ask you to?」

「Well, it’s fine if we go with 3 or 4 people.」

Kaede brought up wanting to do an eating tour, but this wasn’t the Sanctuary or Volton, so Kaede who was my familiar couldn’t walk around town by herself, so I had to ask Akane.

「So, should we also explore the capital?」

「My apologies, Takumi-sama. I was thinking of going to buy cloth with Maria and Marnie……」

「It is for our underwear, so it would be a secret from Takumi-sama until it’s complete..」

「Dear husband. You must be tired, so please rest well today.」

「……ah, i-is that so.」

I watched my wives’ backs as they left happily. This is a honeymoon, isn’t it? They’re leaving me alone? was what I was thinking when Doganbo-san and Golan-san came around.

「Let’s go, Takumi!」

「Come on! Make it snappy!」

「Eh? What do you mean?」

The two entered the room and rushed me. I was so puzzled and asked what they meant..

「We got Sophia and the girls’ permission. Takumi, today you’ll be remodeling the carriage and improving Titan’s body at his request with us.」

「Eh? The carriage remodel is one thing, but even upgrading Titan’s body? You had that kind of talk at some point?」

Why did he talk to Doganbo-san and Golan-san before me, his master?

「Titan discussed it with us before. He wants to become something that wouldn’t budge even against a giant dragon. He likely discussed it with us because you were the busiest, Takumi.」

「Well, I am definitely aware of how busy it’s been recently.」

If it’s like that then it couldn’t be helped.

「But can’t we win against a dragon if four of us team up?」

「Well, that guy’s likely got a bit of pride.」

「And so, we suggested a mechanism for dragon claw-like things that could come out of his toes and heel at will. And Titan agreed with that direction.」

I don’t mind it if Titan wished for that, but it seems the direction’s already been decided.

「So, with that settled, Takumi we’ll work at the Sanctuary workshop. Well, your wives had given us until evening.」

「Now then, could we hurry up and teleport to the Sanctuary workshop?」

「Wha!? Since when!?」

Golan-san informed me that he had already gotten the girls’ permission, and so we should hurry up and teleport to the Sanctuary.

And so, I ended up working alongside two sweaty Dwarves in the Sanctuary workshop right up to the evening without any breaks.

I’m really in the middle of my honeymoon, right!?

「As expected, the ambiance is very different in a different country.」

「You’re right nya. It’s different from Valkyra Capital and Sydnia too.」

「Come to think of it, you two had lived in Sydnia, hadn’t you?」

「Sniff sniff, something smells good over there!」

Leaving the high class inn in the Lomarian Capital, Akane Lulu, Laeva, and Kaede enjoyed window shopping.

The money from hunting monsters habitually was split evenly amongst the members, and Laeva helps with Takumi’s work so she gets wages for that too. That’s why the three and Kaede were carrying more money than a lower noble.

「When we’re at the Sanctuary, we don’t get to use money much.」

「The shops in the Sanctuary are cheap nya.」

「We also make our own clothes and underwear.」

There are stores that sell foodstuff, daily necessities, alcohol, and clothing in the Sanctuary, but Akane and the girls are saving more money than they could spend.

「Ah, should we go to that store next?」

「Lulu wants to buy candies nya.」

「Laeva wants to look at that magic devices.」

「Kaede wants to eat meat!」

As they mentioned their own desires, the four of them enjoyed roaming the capital

Sending a sidelong glance towards Takumi who was working in the Sanctuary workshop, they enjoyed the capital the whole day.




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