Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist – Chapter 376

Even though we’re on our honeymoon, I entered the workshop after briefly looking around the Sanctuary and saw two old dwarves tinkering with the carriage, discussing this and that as they remodeled the carriage.

It’s important, so I will say this as many times as necessary, but this is a honeymoon, right?

In the end, I made claws that protrude from Titan’s feet using adamantite alloy. Of course, I fine tuned it while asking for the opinion of the person himself.

『Master, my, apologies.』

「Nah, it’s fine because I’d be happy if you told me if you have any requests.」

I’m paying attention to the needs of the Golem……

When Sophia, Maria, and Marnie walked around the Lomarian Capital, they attracted the gazes of both men and women.

Amongst the Elven race already filled with beautiful people, Sophia was a woman whose beauty caused a noble to go mad.

Maria, a woman who combines sweet and cute with the charm of adulthood.

Marnie, a Rabbitkin which is ridiculed as a trophy pet race, boasted of a style that glued men’s eyes onto her.

When three such beautiful girls walk around in town, it was inevitable that attention would gather.

And when that happens, the unsavory bunch who are up to no good come out……

「Hey they, pretty oneechans. Play with us~」


「We’re C rank adventurers, you know?」

They must have been fairly capable adventurers. Three men in dressed in relatively decent armor called out to the girls. In fear of getting involved, the surrounding bystanders escaped. Which meant that this unsavory bunch had gotten into the similar trouble before.

However, the people they called out this time were truly terrible. The girls just walked without even so much at a glance at the men who spoke to them.

「Oi oi, hold up!」

「I said let’s play!」

The ruffians cut the girls’ path.

「Haa… insects are blocking our path.」

「Sophia-san, it’s wrong to call these “insects”. They’re just raw garbage.」

「Fufu, Maria said it well.」

「Wha!? What did you saaaaaay!?」

「You better not be so stuck up!!」

「You bitches! If you’re gonna be like that then we’ll sell you off!」

When Sophia and the girls called them bugs and garbage, the enraged men of course placed their hands on their weapons.

Their goal was surely to threaten Sophia and the girls. No matter how foolish they were, they knew that brandishing their weapons in the middle of town was a crime.

「「「Hie! Hiiiieeeeh!!!」」」

The three men suddenly screamed on the spot.

Naturally, the girls could not shut their eyes towards the last line the men spoke. The three men were struck with strong, direct bloodthirst by Sophia and the girls who once again determined that these men were scum.

The freezing glares from Sophia and the girls made the men’s body shake, knees tremble, and teeth clatter uncontrollably.

The next instant, the girls’ figures disappeared.


Then the men crawled on the floor in anguish.

It was nothing much. The girls just went easy on them and hit them lightly on the torso. However, perhaps because of gap in their stats, the men saw it as if the girls had disappeared.

「Shall we be on our way?」

「Yeah. We found all sorts of designs we could reference.」

「Yes. Dear husband should be coming home at night, so how about some tea?」

「Ah, I want to eat fruit cake!」

「Fumu, I’m parched, tea sounds perfect.」

Seeing the girls converse as though nothing had happened with the ruffians, the curious onlookers in the distance vowed to never get entangled with the girls.

I failed to tour the Royal Capital of Lomaria Kingdom, but the girls seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

「So how was the capital?」

The carriage pulled by Tsubaki departed from the Lomarian Capital and ran on the highway heading directly east.

The new modifications made it possible to run even more stably at higher speeds because of Doganbo-san and Golan-san’s magic remodeling, but we of course couldn’t just speed around on highway.

「Well, it was not much different from the Valkyran Capital.」

「When it comes to food stalls, Valkyra Kingdom’s is better nya.」

「Their magic devices are slightly behind.」

「Kaede ate lots!」

The Akane group seemed to have had fun.

「We bought all sorts of lace and threads.」

「For threads, Kaede-chan’s threads are still number one, as expected.」

「There were some designs we could use as references.」

My wives also seemed to have enjoyed themselves too.

According to them, the underwear designs I sold to the Papeck Company also seemed to be popular in Lomaria, and there were underwear with different designs and cloth being sold in the shops.

Papeck-san, you’re really making the big bucks huh.

As we were travelling along the road at unusual speeds, Kaede who was on Tsubaki’s back saw something in front of us.

「Master, it seems there’s a fight at the front!」

As soon as Kaede detected it, I also sensed it.

「A carriage is being attacked. It’s not monsters.」

I could tell that the carriage running in front of us was surrounded by many horses.

「Let’s hurry!」

『Understood. Master!』

It would normally be difficult to catch up to a carriage running far us. But this is us we’re talking about. The carriage Tsubaki pulls can overtake them in no time at all.

Tsubaki enthusiastically increased her speed even more.

A gigantic Dragon Horse blasted down the highway.



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