Temporary Hokage – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Comic World, Four Bullets!

the other side.

Sasuke went back to the bookshelf and picked up the manga that had been dropped due to pain.

He didn’t think about it before.

He thought the pupil techniques introduced in this manga were fictional.

Think about it now.

Since you can get Emperor Eyes, I’m afraid other pupil techniques are also true, right?

“But why is it the Emperor Eyes…”

Sasuke couldn’t help but have this question.

The number of pupil techniques introduced in this comic is close to hundreds.

Why did the awakening Emperor Eyes happen to be?

Thinking about it this way, Sasuke always felt that there must be something he didn’t understand.

Open the comic again.

This time, Sasuke saw this information in the introduction of Kekedi——

Owner: Tokisaki Kurumi.

“Tokisaki Kurumi? Let me see…”

In addition to the pupil technique itself, there is also information about the holder in the comics, as well as actual combat performance.

Along with reading.

Sasuke knows more and more about Tokisaki Kurumi.

I also have an answer in my heart.

“So that’s the case, are you also an Avenger…”

In his introduction to Tokisaki Kurumi’s past, Sasuke saw a similar experience to himself.

They were all betrayed by the people they trusted the most.

All have the sad desire to kill the betrayal.

They are also users of the pupil technique.

You have to fight with the people you once cherished the most.

The only difference is that Tokisaki Kurumi’s best friend, Sanda Shahe, who became the Queen of White, doesn’t actually hate Tokisaki Kurumi in his heart, and still regards Tokisaki Kurumi as a friend.

But the damn guy Itachi regarded himself as an ant that could be ravaged at will and disdain to kill, and there was no brotherhood at all.

Look at it this way.

It is not accidental that he will get Emperor Eyes himself.

I’m afraid this is also what the Temporary Hokage expected.

Even more terrifying.

Even this kind of pupil technique can be given to this little character casually.

Then how powerful should Mike be?

Think of this question.

Sasuke’s heart that was swelled by the acquisition of Emperor Eyes subsided a little.

“Forget it, don’t think about this first, let’s try the power of Emperor Eyes first.”

Saying so, Sasuke closed his eyes slightly, feeling the new power in his body.

Then suddenly opened his eyes.

The golden pupil of time appeared.

The next moment, a huge clock slowly emerged behind Sasuke, with an ancient rifle and a pistol in his hand.

But before Sasuke tried to shoot.

The surrounding environment suddenly changed.

“This is… this is Tiangong City?!”

Stunned, Sasuke stepped on the ground under his feet and looked around.

Everything is so real.

It doesn’t look like he’s caught in an illusion.

“Did I come to the world of Date-a-live?”

With this kind of shock and doubt, Sasuke tried his best to calm down his excitement and walked forward.

Then he saw two figures fighting on the deserted street.

It was Tokisaki Kurumika who gave her the phantom of the spirit power, that is, Mio Takamiya.

Saying it’s a fight is a bit inaccurate.

Although Tokisaki Kurumi was attacking with all her might, Takamiya Mio didn’t look like she wanted to attack Tokisaki Kurumi, she just kept dodging the attack and let her vent her emotions.

It seems that Sasuke came to the point where Tokisaki Kurumi and Takamiya Mio clashed when he found out that he had been deceived.

“This is…..”

Before Sasuke could think about it, an aftermath of the battle hit Sasuke.

Sasuke was so frightened that he hurriedly wanted to dodge.

Unfortunately it’s too late.

next moment.

The aftermath of the battle engulfed Sasuke directly.


went through.

Sasuke was stunned.

He watched as another battle aftermath passed through him.

“Could it be that……?”

Sasuke tried to fire a Fire Style Great Fireball at the phantom, but it passed through without a hitch.

“It turns out that I didn’t really travel into the world of Date-a-live Battle. I can’t have any influence on this world, it’s like a world of illusion.”

Soon the battle was over.

Then the surrounding environment changed again.

This time, it is the battle between Tokisaki Kurumi and Kotori.

“However, this is also an opportunity for me to get acquainted with Emperor Eyes’s abilities by watching Tokisaki Kurumi’s battle!”

Having figured out the situation, Sasuke stopped wasting time and focused on analyzing the battle.

Although Emperor Eyes has been awakened, this does not mean that Sasuke can use all the abilities of Emperor Eyes without any obstacles as soon as he comes up.

Just like Itachi’s Mangekyō Sharingan doesn’t use Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi immediately after opening his eyes.

This requires a process of familiarity and mastery.

The only abilities Sasuke can use now are Bullet 1 (speeding up the time of the hit target, enabling teleportation), Bullet 2 (slowing down the flow of time on the hit target), and Bullet 3 (making the time of the hit target slower object growth).

After watching all the battles, Sasuke was immersed in the ability Master of Emperor Eyes, as if he had forgotten the time.

In this comic world, there is no hunger.

one day…..

two days…

three days…

I don’t know how many days have passed.

“…Four Bullets!”

Sasuke stood up, raised the gun in his hand and fired a shot at himself.

The bullet hit Sasuke exactly in the head.

A strange feeling engulfed the whole body.

If Sasuke’s attributes such as stamina and energy at this time can be displayed like an energy bar in the game.

Then you can see that these values ​​instantly changed from a state of dissatisfaction to full value!

Rewind the time of the hit target!

This is the ability of the four bullets!

As long as you are not dead, you can instantly revive with full status!

Aside from the disadvantage of not being able to recover the time spent, it is comparable to a Sage Body!

However, Sage Body is only effective for itself, while the four bullets can be used on others, which is stronger than Sage Body.

“Using the Four Bullets to reverse my time to a few days ago, has it consumed almost a month of my lifespan… It seems that I have to find a way to replenish the time value.”

Sasuke is very satisfied with the power of Emperor Eyes, but the consumption is a bit large, and he can’t bear it.

At the same time as the awakening of Emperor Eyes, Sasuke also mastered eating time, which can be used to absorb the time value of lifeforms within the range.

It’s just that this trick is not very good for your own people.

So Sasuke decides to go to Kakashi.

at the same time.

Mike is here.

The system prompt sounded in my mind again.

[Ding! ——]



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