The Heartthrob Protagonist Just Wants To Monopolize Me – Chapter 66

Bao Guangyuan’s expression showed so much fright that Pei Yuan couldn’t help but look at him.


Ji Mingxia also looked over, and after seeing Bao Guangyuan’s expression, Ji Mingxia asked suspiciously, “What’s wrong?”


Ji Mingxia didn’t think there was anything wrong with his words and he only thought Bao Guangyuan’s expression was because he met some trouble while making the bed. So he asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”


“No.” Bao Guangyuan hurriedly shook his head.


He looked at Pei Yuan and looked at Ji Mingxia, and inexplicably felt a chill all over his body.


Bao Guangyuan followed the source of the chill and looked in the direction of the tent. He found that Yu Ning had come out of the tent at some point.


The flashlights were not shining in the direction of the tent and Yu Ning was standing in the darkness, almost blending in with the night. If his skin had not been so white, Bao Guangyuan would not have noticed that there was someone standing there.


Feeling that Yu Ning was watching the movement on their side, Bao Guangyuan only felt a jolt in his body and he hastily added: “I think ……I think that you’re quite right ……”


Bao Guangyuan grasped the time to show his loyalty: “Yu Ning is quite good.”


He complimented himself for his wit, however, he didn’t know if it was his illusion, but he felt as if Yu Ning’s gaze became colder?


He had praised Yu Ning in front of Pei Yuan based on Ji Mingxia’s words, where did he go wrong?


Could it be that even complimenting someone can backfire these days?


Ji Mingxia on the other side did not notice the fluctuations of Bao Guangyuan’s mood.


He was happy to hear that Bao Guangyuan also agreed with him.


With Bao Guangyuan’s testimony, how could he worry about not being able to sell Yu Ning’s points?


Ji Mingxia continued to say to Pei Yuan, “It was Yu Ning who took care of us in the past few days. It was actually Yu Ning who discovered these sandwiches, and these staples, snacks, clothes and all sorts of supplies were arranged by Yu Ning.” 


“Yu Ning is actually a soft-hearted person, he just doesn’t show it on purpose. If someone treated him badly at school, he wouldn’t use his intelligence or power to retaliate against others; even after getting the rings and the bronze mirror, Yu Ning never abused the power of the mysterious items ……”


Ji Mingxia rambled on, and the more he spoke, the more he felt that Yu Ning was full of merits. He was only afraid that he would not be able to finish talking about them in a night.


“In short, you will find that he is like a little child when you have more contact with him. He is really vulnerable, which makes people sympathize with him and want to take care and protect him!” Ji Mingxia finally concluded.


As soon as he said that, several red lights suddenly emerged near the tent.


No one present was unfamiliar with this red light, it was obviously Yu Ning’s means of attack.


Everyone froze for a moment, and the next moment, they saw Yu Ning walking over from the direction of the tent.


He was fiddling with the ring in one hand, and grasping something thick and long in the other.


Bright red blood was seeping from his hand, the red blood forming a stark contrast to his pale skin.


Blood dripped down as Yu Ning walked. Together with those strange pupils and his pale face, he was as eerie as a ghost.


Not to mention Bao Guangyuan and Pei Yuan, even Ji Mingxia was shocked by Yu Ning’s image at this moment.


This was completely different from the Yu Ning he usually saw!


Ji Mingxia stared at the object in Yu Ning’s hand, “Yu Ning …… what are you holding in your hand?


“It’s a snake.” Yu Ning said, and showed the snake in his hand


It was a large black and green patterned snake with a thick and long body.


It’s head was strangely triangular and had uneven bumps. Yu Ning had decapitated it but although the carcass was separated, the snake’s body was still writhing slightly. This image and the fresh blood seeping out made the scene very ominous.


“Mangshan iron headed snake. It’s very poisonous, and I found it in the tent.” Yu Ning said.


“In the tent?” The hairs on Ji Mingxia’s body stood up when he heard this.


Fortunately, Yu Ning had discovered it. If he was the one who had encountered it, first, his reflexes would have been slow, and secondly, he wouldn’t have had a means of attack even if he had come back to his senses.


The only outcome was to get bitten.


“It must have gotten in while we weren’t looking. This is a primeval forest and there were already many wild animals. The boundary had affected the whole area and now it is gone, people can come and go freely, and so can the animals.”


Yu Ning said as he carried the snake over, “Is anyone interested in it?”


Ji Mingxia and Bao Guangyuan shook their heads frantically.


They were just ordinary men, and although they wouldn’t scream at the sight of a snake, a venomous snake of that size was so ominous to look at that they didn’t want to touch it, let alone take an interest in it.


Seeing this, Yu Ning didn’t say anything else and turned around to find a place to bury the snake.


With Yu Ning’s interruption, the warm atmosphere after the meal had completely disappeared, and the image of Yu Ning as a “weak, pitiful and helpless” person that Ji Mingxia had just portrayed for a while was completely ruined.


Seeing that Bao Guangyuan and Pei Yuan were looking at him, Ji Mingxia could only give a dry laugh: “This is one of Yu Ning’s strengths, he is quick and reliable!”


“That’s right!” Bao Guangyuan applauded fiercely!


The effect was obviously weak even though Ji Mingxia had tried very hard and Bao Guangyuan had even given an appropriate applause.


By the time the four had finished eating, it was already past eight o’clock, and after some more tidying up, it was time to rest.


Due to the presence of the poisonous snake inside the tent, Ji Minxia decided to leave the flashlights on.  Everyone would sleep around the light source as the usual critters would not dare to approach.


As long as they got through the night safely, they could go down the mountain tomorrow.


 Ji Mingxia had failed in creating friendship, and he was a little unwell as he looked at Yu Ning and Pei Yuan’s incompatibility.


Strangely, compared to the depressed Ji Mingxia, Yu Ning was in a good mood.


After dealing with the poisonous snake, Yu Ning checked the whole tent, then made the bed and waited for Ji Mingxia to come in and sleep.


Ji Mingxia quickly changed his clothes, laid down and prepared to close his eyes.


“Mingxia.” Yu Ning whispered.


“Hmm?” Ji Mingxia, who was ready to sleep, opened his eyes and looked at Yu Ning in a daze, “What’s wrong?”


“Are your ears okay?” Yu Ning asked.


Ji Mingxia didn’t know if it was because he was too sleepy, but he felt as if Yu Ning was looking at him with burning eyes. His expression, which was always bland, actually seemed to have a few points of anticipation.


“My ears ……” Ji Mingxia felt that the present Yu Ning was a novelty. The sleepiness made him a bit sluggish, and it was only after a few seconds that he came back to his senses and replied, “My ears are fine. “


He suddenly remembered something and he sat up in a flash. He brought his jacket over and took out the ofloxacin eye drops and erythromycin ointment from the pocket.


Taking advantage of Yu Ning’s good mood, Ji Mingxia hurriedly seized the opportunity and said to Yu Ning, “Yu Ning, do you know who gave me these eye drops and ointment? I was talking to Pei Yuan in the evening, and my ears suddenly started to hurt. Pei Yuan found out and he gave them to me, saying that it was not very convenient to wipe my ears with cotton swabs. With these eye drops, I won’t need any manipulation, the drops will reduce the inflammation. “


Ji Mingxia added: “I tried it when I was changing clothes and it was very simple. Don’t you think that Pei Yuan is actually a very attentive and gentle person?”


 Ji Mingxia then looked at Yu Ning with some expectation.


Although he had failed to promote Yu Ning on Pei Yuan’s side, it didn’t matter. It would be a big step forward if he promoted Pei Yuan on Yu Ning’s side.


However, Yu Ning did not answer Ji Mingxia’s question, but asked, “You have tried it? How do you feel now?”


“My eyes are very comfortable now.” Ji Mingxia said.


“That’s good.” Yu Ning nodded. He helped Ji Mingxia put the medicine away and said in a flat tone, “Go to sleep.”


He then turned off the small light in the tent and covered Ji Mingxia.


Li Youzi was dead, and Ji Mingxia’s injuries were almost healed, so their tent was once again separated into two.


Ji Mingxia followed his movements and lay down naturally. It was not until Yu Ning returned to his tent that Ji Mingxia reacted.


That was it?


No reaction?


Although he was a little disappointed that he didn’t get the reaction he expected, it was getting late and after a tiring day, he closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep.


It was already dawn when he opened his eyes again.


Ji Mingxia walked out of the tent and found that he was the last one to get up.


Pei Yuan was waiting by the side with his eyes closed, Yu Ning had already tidied up everything except the tent and Bao Guangyuan was sitting on his bed of leaves. He saw Ji Mingxia walking out of the tent and hurriedly moved to Ji Mingxia’s side.


“You’ve finally woken up! I was so alone, weak, helpless and scared.” Bao Guangyuan whispered in a low voice with a bitter face.


“What’s wrong?” Ji Mingxia had just woken and he was still in a daze.


“What did you do last night? Why did Yu Ning get up so early in the morning with such low pressure?” Bao Guangyuan whispered.


“Low pressure?” Ji Mingxia was stunned, “I didn’t do anything.”


He glanced in Yu Ning’s direction.


When Yu Ning saw that Ji Mingxia had woken up, he began to prepare breakfast. Ji Mingxia took special note of Yu Ning’s demeanour and actions; although he was still cold and aloof, he was no different from normal.


When the food was distributed, it was distributed evenly on the principle of fairness, and there was nothing unusual about his behaviour.


“Why do you think something is wrong with Yu Ning?” Ji Mingxia inquired.


Bao Guangyuan felt a certain gaze landing on him and he could only whisper, “It’s nothing, I just feel that he and Pei Yuan ……are incompatible. These two must have been enemies in their past lives.”


Ji Mingxia: No …… they were lovers.


But now, the two didn’t even seem to be interested in being friends ……


After eating breakfast and packing their bags, the four left the Love Mountain Spring and went down the mountain.


Ji Mingxia’s injuries had already scabbed over after this period of recuperation, and although he was still a bit slow compared to his usual movements, he had no problem walking normally.


The steep terrain made it difficult to walk up the mountain, but the descent was very quick as long as one had a good balance and paid attention to safety.


The four were not slow on their feet and they managed to get down the mountain before noon.


Only that, Pei Yuan and Yu Ning were always separated from each other by a long distance during the journey.


Ji Mingxia and Bao Guangyuan walked in the middle, and although there were four people walking, only Ji Mingxia and Bao Guangyuan talked to each other the whole time, while Yu Ning and Pei Yuan were exceptionally silent.


It was not until they came to the edge of the forest that they once again came near the commercial car that Li Youzi and the others drove going there.



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