The President’s Secretary Wants to Resign Everyday – Chapter 11.3

“Are you willing to refuse? Do you want me to ask you to stay overnight?” The corner of the president’s mouth rose evilly, he took a step forward and approached me. His lowered voice was lowered and enchanting. “Woman, don’t play tricks in front of me.”

In fact, my brain was in chaos, I could only see the President’s lips open and close, and I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

The president’s low and slow voice seemed to be hypnotizing. The breath was sprayed on my face in waves, which was warm. Today, he sprayed a faint silver mountain spring scent, which smelled very good.

I couldn’t hold my heavy eyelids any longer and fell asleep standing up again.

This time, I had the foresight to sleep with my back against the wall, and would not fall forward again.

I followed the wall and slowly slipped to the ground.

The President might be very dissatisfied with the fact that I fell asleep halfway through talking to him. He might’ve felt that I disrespected him and his self-esteem was hurt, so he ignored me all night.

I slept on the floor of the president’s room all night, and the next morning, I shared a surfboard with the president as promised.

Although the island country is in the tropics, it was cold at night if you don’t have a quilt, there was no carpet on the ground of the water villa in the island country. Instead, you can see the sea water under the villa. It’s hard, cold and damp. I couldn’t sleep well. When I woke up, I felt pain in my waist and neck.

I rubbed the dark circles under my eyes and yawned in the beach. If I wasn’t afraid of the President getting angry again, I really wanted to go back to my room and sleep until it was dark.

However, the president’s figure is really good, with wide shoulders, slim waist and long legs, as well as a lot of chest muscles and abs like mermaid lines. I feasted my eyes when I helped the president push the surfboard into the water, and I quietly praised the author for the first time in my heart.

Just after helping the president push the surfboard into the water, he swung up and down on the surfboard alone, forming a crazy concave shape, as if standing in the center of the spotlight, without looking back at me at all.

Leaving me alone on the shore, I was helpless in the face of my heavy surfboard.

The surfboard can float freely on the sea, but it is really heavy on land. I had to go back to the hotel and find a staff to help push it.



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